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AD VERBUM is now ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified (January 2017)

AD VERBUM was delighted to receive ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification at the end of January 2017. At the end of 2015, AD VERBUM moved into its new office building equipped with new integrated Security and Access Control Systems, and during 2016, implemented a new Information Security Management System (ISMS).

ISO standard 27001:2013 establishes the requirements for managing the security of sensitive information, including intellectual property.

Thanks to our Information Security Management System (ISMS), we can manage risks by ensuring that the people handling sensitive assets, as well as the processes and IT systems they are using, comply with the ISMS specifications.

We also upgraded from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

AD VERBUM currently is an ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified translation and localization company.

Our new certifying and auditing body is one of the oldest certification agencies in the world, Bureau Veritas.

Zertifiziertes Unternehmen für die Qualität seiner Übersetzungsdienstleistungen.
Zertifiziertes Unternehmen für die Qualität seines Managementsystems.
Nach dem Informationssicherheitsstandard zertifiziertes Unternehmen.
Mitglied der Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), dem führenden Fachverband der Sprachindustrie.
Mitglied von ELIA – dem führenden Handelsverband im Bereich der Sprachdienstleistungen in Europa.